John Engels for Douglas County Commissioner - District 2

I am a Republican primary candidate for County Commissioner District 2, the seat currently held by Steve Thaler. As a regular attendee at the Board of Commissioners meetings and as a conservative minded guy who wants to know what kinds of policies and actions my local government is taking, I have become troubled by much of the decision-making I have observed.

The County needs to re-assess its direction. Instead of focusing on serving the people who live here by addressing problems such as road maintenance and flood control, the Board and my opponent, spend far too much of its time and our money encouraging developers to bring about projects that threaten to destroy the very rural atmosphere most of us sought out when we chose this county as where we wanted to be. Ther recent bad decision out in Ruhenstroth is just one example.

Politics has not been high on my agenda for most of my life. Serving others has, so I am thankful for the leadership skills I gained in the US Army as an Artillery Captain with tours of duty in both Vietnam and Greece, for the financial expertise I gained through my university education (BA in accounting) and more than 25 years of work in upper finance management, and for the "street-level" experience I gained as a reserve Los Angeles Police Officer. All of these helped prepare me to take on the challenges presented to a County Commissioner.

My campaign "posse" chaired by Ginger Starrett and I plan to win this contest, but, of course, we need outside support. Mounting a campaign means providing signs, mailers, advertising, and putting on events. Please consider joining up. We would appreciate any and all donations, which, for your convenience, can be made by going to the donations link on the website.

Please allow me to thank you in advance for considering me to be the District 2 County Commissioner. I pledge to be faithful to what the people want from their local government, not what gives preference to special interests. We do not need more taxes or more high-density development to keep this County the best place to live.

Warm Regards,

John Engels


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