John Engels for Douglas County Commissioner - District 2

About John Engels ...

Five years ago, John and his wife, Maria, purchased the Sierra Vista Ranch in Gardnerville where they currently reside. He'd been drawn to the West since his college days in Idaho and to our "neck of the woods" the minute he laid eyes on the valley during what would be one of dozens of ski excursions to Lake Tahoe.

Anyone who runs into John around the County will notice how enthusiastically John has embraced Nevada's Western heritage. With his hat and bandana, he evokes the era of the cowboys. "It's the 'Code of the West' I find so compelling," he will tell you, "and that includes hospitality, honesty, accountability, and respect for the land."

He'd also point out that Douglas County, at the governing level, seems to have lost sight of a few of those somewhere along the way, with the current District 2 Commissioner all too often in the lead.

John treasures the rural nature and relaxed lifestyle of our County and has decided to do his part to keep it that way by seeking to unseat the incumbent and add another much needed conservative voice and vote on the Board of Commissioners.

A wealth of leadership experience, including serving as an Artillery Captain in the Army during the Vietnam War and as CFO of a worldwide company for more than 20 years, has equipped John with the knowledge and skills needed to guide our County back to a sustainable and honorable path.

On the Platform and County Issues links on this website you'll find more detailed information as to what he stands for. You might find the reality of how the current Commissioner sees things helpful in evaluating John's stances as well, so check out "Opponent's Record" as well. John would very much appreciate your vote and support.


Proud Member of the National Rifle Association

"Born to Battle for You"