What we are currently observing with development in Douglas County is nothing short of a rapacious feeding frenzy to build housing. I am not opposed to development … what I am opposed to is scattered development done in a "hodgepodge" manner that is not cohesive in construction, architecture, quality, and in keeping with the rural "low density" lifestyle that makes Douglas County the desirable place it is. We don’t need to add Receiving Areas to the Master Plan, or constantly approve re-zoning. What we need is to stick to the Land Use element as it is.

Affordable Housing:

What folks need to understand is that "affordable housing" is government speak for low income multi-family housing. In almost all cases, this type of housing involves subsidies of one kind or another and ends up adding undue burdens on services paid for by local taxes (which means you, the taxpayers, pay). Because Douglas County has an exceptional setting—expansive western vistas, historical buildings, and two beautiful lakes—it is not a proper location for this type of growth. Just look at Truckee. The change in its forest character is staggering. Massive condo developments dominate the landscape. Parking is $6! Is this what we want here?